For years people have been making their own Bota Box costumes to celebrate Halloween... the fans have spoken, and we’re giving the people what they want. Here’s our official how-to guide with step-by-step instructions to create your own life-size Bota Box costume. We’ve also included a downloadable image of the Bota Box label for you to use.




Step 1: Get a box

Use whatever you have on hand. We chose a wardrobe box, this is the most comparable to the shape of a Bota Box.


Step 2: Print the label

We took our image to a print shop and got it blown up to fit the dimensions of the box (you can also print at home doing section by section and pasting together). Head to our website, pick the Bota flavor of your choice, and download the image file.


Step 3: Adhere the label to the box

You can glue it on, tape it on, or go the route we did by getting it printed on self-adhesive vinyl.


Step 4: Make your cuts

Cut off the excess cardboard on the top and bottom of the box, then cut armholes on the sides. Don’t forget the most important part, cutting a small hole (about 1½ inches wide) for the spout of the wine bladder to create your live tap.


Step 5: Tape the wine bladder to the inside (yes, real wine will come out of your costume).

We used a bladder from a Bota Brick for this step to ensure that the costume wouldn’t be too heavy.


Step 6: Make shoulder straps

You can do this with suspenders, duck tape, or any type of rope. Just cut holes in the top of the box and adjust to your comfort.


YOU’RE DONE! If you try this out make sure to share your pics on facebook, tagging @botabox on instagram or using the hashtag #gobota, #botahacks.


Happy Bota-ween!