In Transit

  • June 06, 2016
InTransit_Peter Bragiel

Peter Bragiel created the YouTube travel series, In Transit, with the goal of entertaining and inspiring viewers to pack up and explore. Born and raised in Illinois, Peter spent his entire life traveling, eventually picking up a video camera to share his experiences with aspiring travelers online. 

His unique travel style is designed to take the audience on an immersive cultural journey, exploring the true essence of an adventure, while fully engaging with the people and places he visits. Peter strives to transparently share his experiences with his viewers, and fully embodies the idea of celebrating the journey, not just the destination. 

Peter’s YouTube travel series has included documenting everything from the 5,700-mile Trans-Siberian Railroad, canoeing down the entire length of the Mississippi River, Public Transportation from LA through Mexico and Central America, a boat journey to Cuba, riding scooters across the United States and more.