Hither & Thither

  • July 14, 2015

Hither & Thither is a leading lifestyle and travel site created and written by Ashley Muir Bruhn. With thoughtful discussions on modern parenting, family-friendly travel, home design, food, and more, Hither & Thither captivates a loyal community of engaged readers. Nearly every post is accompanied by original photography and many of the site’s images are shared on Pinterest.

Ashley grew up in Long Beach, California (and went to the same high school as Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg—though not at the same time), before heading north to UC Davis for her undergraduate degree. She met her husband Aron there, before spending the next five years in Los Angeles in graduate school. After working as an educator in Los Angeles and a book publisher in Manhattan, she and Aron call Northern California home again—living in the very same university town of Davis where they first met, with their two children—ages 4 and 2—and a very affectionate cocker spaniel.

Fun Facts: 

Favorite place in the U.S.?

California, of course. The Southwest is incredible. Those red rocks are like nothing else and our national parks system is amazing. And one of my most memorable trips was on the other side of the country: Vermont — the cheese, the blueberries, the small roads, the freshwater swimming and slow pace…just lovely. 

Place could you return to, again and again? 

Italy. I remember feeling like something awakened in me when I tasted fresh pesto in its originating region, along the Cinque Terre. It doesn’t taste the same here! I’d love to go back and rent an apartment on the coast.

Most memorable adventure? 

SCUBA diving in Thailand gets the extra benefit of being on my honeymoon. But I've loved driving a boat along the coast of Sardinia, riding horses on the beach in Big Sur, and taking my son swimming under a waterfall on Oahu.  

Red or white? 

I'm definitely tend to fall in the 'red when its cold, white when it's warm' camp. Bota Box's Chardonnay will be out on warm summer nights this year.