Light & Refreshing Styles!

Bota Box Breeze is the perfect sidekick for wherever life takes you. Offering low carbs and calories per serving, this light & refreshing wine has all the flavor of traditional wine so you won't miss a thing!

So Much To Love.

Bota Box goes where glass can’t. With our portable, shatterproof box, you can bring great wine wherever great times are going down.

It Lasts and Lasts

Our box and spout have a strict “No Light and Air” policy – keeping our wine fresh for up to one month after opening.

No Corkscrew, No Problem

Compact, portable, and shatterproof, Bota Box lets you enjoy premium wine without the corkscrew.

So Sustainable

Our boxes are 100% recyclable with packaging that produces 96% less landfill waste and has a lower carbon footprint when compared to glass bottles.

Top of the Podium

Bota consistently over-delivers on wine quality and continues to rake in the awards. Taste for yourself.

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